Mulching Tips

Stop The Weeds !

We cant claim credit for this tip it was reccomended to us by one of our customers. When preparing new beds or mulching existing, instead of using landscaping fabric use sheets of newspaper.

Landscaping fabric is extremely effective at supressing the weeds as it prevents light reaching the soil surface, the problem comes if you need to dig the border at a later date the fork gets stuck in the fabric and management of the bed becomes extremely difficult.

An alternative is to use newspaper approx 4-5 sheets thick (enough to let water drain through) placed on the surface of the soil. This will do the same job as the landscaping fabric preventing light reaching the surface. You then cover the paper in the same way as the fabric with either bark, woodchips or with the newspaper you can also cover the area with mushroom compost as the worms will still dig it in for you as they come through the paper.

The benefit using newspaper is

    • It is cheaper!
    • It will rot away after a time which means you can dig the beds in future with ease.
    • I am told the beds remain weed free for approx 18 months – 2 years. (no guarantees).
    • You can mulch with  other products in future years