We produce a limited range of speciality mushrooms for farmers markets. These include Portabello flats, chestnut buttons, Portabellini and oyster mushrooms.

Although we do not have organic status these are all grown in organic soil association certified compost. All our crops are grown with minimal use of chemicals.

We believe that local produce should be marketed locally and are active supporters of Wye Farmers Market. We are one of two growers left in Kent. We remain committed to producing quality mushrooms for the local market.

We have been trialling new grow packs these can be seen on the how to grow mushrooms video. These are not for sale yet (we cant work out how to send them through the post without destroying the surface layer!?) We are still developing and perfecting our mushroom kits. They’re not quite finished yet. However we promise when they are ready for sale we will let you all know. Watch this space!

Please watch our video by Simon Grayson showing you how we grow our mushrooms. You will also get a few tips to use at home.

We released some trial versions at the Kent Show as shown below of which were well received.

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